Society’s Activities

The Society’s Activities:

1.     Encouraging and promoting theoretical and applied scientific research and consultation in the Society’s domains of interest and relevant disciplines.

2.     Publication of scientific research in all its forms in order to fulfill the aims of the Society.

3.     Holding scientific meetings including seminars, workshops, courses and lectures.

4.     Encouraging and promoting the use of the Arabic language in education, authoring, translation, and publication.

5.     Publishing a scientific journal and periodicals in the various specializations of meteorology.

6.     Proposing means for raising the standard of education in the field of meteorology; and ensuring that it keeps pace with scientific progress.

7.     Conducting scientific research in order to enhance and develop the applicational aspects of meteorology.

8.     Encouraging scientific creativity – e.g., intelligent applications, simulation, infotech, remote sensing, and other relevant technologies.

9.     Exchanging meteorological data and expertise with similar societies.

10. Organizing scientific field trips for members, and holding scientific competitions in the field of meteorology. 

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